In the Garden, Week 2


The front flower boxes, finally planted!

I love this time of the year in the garden! It’s hectic, and there’s always a ton of work to do, but the results are entirely satisfying. This week, I enjoyed two of my favorite late-spring rituals: placing a lily of the valley bouquet on the dining room table in my grandma’s green vase and making the first rhubarb pie of the season. My ten-year-old harvested the rhubarb from our garden plot, and I made the pie…yum! I always add cardamom and orange zest, and this time I threw in some strawberries too.


Harvested rhubarb…


made into delicious pie!

I also planted the front flower boxes…I’m pretty happy with how these turned out this year. Of course I did have to make two trips to Mother Earth Gardens–oh, darn, right? As I was planting the second box I realized I was short one begonia. I love these flower boxes, by the way! We ordered them last season from They are self-watering and you can paint them any color you wish. They are fantastic!

But one big gardening to-do project has been looming over my head all week: I needed to have my plot at the community garden planted by June 1st (gulp). So yesterday I enlisted the help of the boys and our good friend from next door. We turned the soil, added composted horse manure and compost, hauled wood chips to cover the walking paths, and tucked straw under the strawberries to keep weeds at bay.


Scratching up and turning the soil. Youngest is wondering when he gets to cash in on the promised iPad time.


Planting! If you look closely you may be able to see the dotted line of perfectly placed beet seeds.

After all that prep work, we were finally ready for the fun part! We planted cosmos, sunflowers, two rows of beets, two rows of carrots, two rows of spinach, cucumbers, and zucchini from seed. Then we planted the seedlings: 4 tomato plants, 4 pepper plants (2 jalapeno, per youngest’s request!), one eggplant, 4 swiss chard, 2 Brussels sprouts, and one cabbage. Whew. I kid you not, 6 hours later I was finally leaving the garden. But what a sense of accomplishment! And I was so impressed with the stamina of my helpers! My ten-year-old lasted 4 hours and the younger two lasted 2 hours each. I highly recommend having the kids help with seed planting. They were so careful about reading the instructions and placing the exact amount of seeds at the specified distance apart. I honestly think they did a better job with it than I did! That’s it for now…stay tuned for more updates.


Our friend from next door came along to help us plant…here she’s sewing the cosmos, marking each seed planting with a tiny pebble to make sure she has the spacing just right.


Ta-dah! The end result. I covered the Brussels sprouts and cabbage to prevent flea beetle munching and the eggplant to keep it cozy during cool nights.

For more gardening ideas for kids, check out The Nitty Gritty Gardening Book, available through Amazon, local gardening shops, and book stores.

Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 1.27.39 PM

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