In the Garden, Week 3


My youngest got to help with his favorite part this week…harvesting. We have many more strawberries to come!

It’s June, school’s out, and the strawberries are beginning to ripen…all sure signs that summer has arrived. Our trips to the garden plot this week involved watering our seeds, searching for signs of growth, and pulling a few more weeds.


The zucchini seeds we planted last weekend have sent shoots through the surface of the soil, producing healthy seedlings.


Oops! Looks like we spilled a few spinach seeds last weekend. But the spinach will still have plenty of room to grow.

But the exciting part was picking our own homegrown strawberries, both from our community garden plot and at home. We picked about two pints, but there are many more still ripening on the plants. Picking the strawberries at home involves a little more detective work. We have a few everbearing strawberry plants tucked under the rose bush, hiding in amongst the sedum and wild geranium, and they aren’t always easy to spot. I’m happy that we seem to be getting to them before the birds and critters begin to nibble away. I used most of the berries to make a strawberry rhubarb crisp…yum! I’m hoping to make a batch of strawberry jam before the season is over.


Strawberries from our yard.


Strawberry rhubarb crisp, served in the cutest little scalloped bowls my mom-in-law gave me a few weeks ago. I love them!

I also managed to plant the rest of my herbs. Last year I filled my back window boxes with herbs, but back in April I decided to scatter mixed lettuce greens in the boxes instead. This is the first year in a long time that we’ve had a dog, so planting edibles in the flower boxes keeps food out of her zone, if you know what I mean. It’s just about salad time…aren’t they cute? With the back boxes already accounted for, I’m having to get creative with my herb placement. I found this cute basket-bucket in my garage and created a mini moveable herb garden with basil, sage, and thyme. I planted the rest of the herbs in a couple of flower boxes that I can keep out of the dog’s reach. Stay tuned for more planting updates next week!


Mixed greens in my back flower box.


A basket of herbs.

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