In the Garden, Week 4


On Thursday, before the rain set in, I took this misty photo of my wisteria. I’ve wanted wisteria in my garden ever since our 1998 trip to the Loire Valley in France. There, wisteria grows like crazy, climbing up the sides of buildings and covering garden trellises everywhere. But the variety that grows in Europe does not like our cold winters, so we tracked down a variety that does at Bloomington Garden Center. It’s called Aunt Dee, and it’s taken firm root next to our pergola. For the past five years it’s bloomed like this in June and sometimes again in September. I love it!

FullSizeRender  jam

This week we also continued to harvest strawberries from our community garden plot, picking more than a quart each on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. I had more than enough for a batch of jam…yay! It was too warm yesterday to even think about processing the jars, so I’ll stick one in the freezer and keep the other in the refrigerator.  In the summer we eat plenty of PB&J sandwiches to plow through the jars quickly enough.

Otherwise, I’ve been in weeding mode. I like to take Suzy Bales’ approach to pulling weeds: I never go out to the yard with the intention of weeding, but as I do the daily walk through my garden to see what’s growing and I have the urge to weed, I will. Yesterday I ended up plopping myself down on the garden path and methodically pulling and piling weeds for the better part of the afternoon. In fact I had trouble stopping. After weeding the back garden and most of the side yard, I decided to walk to my community plot where I scratched around the tomato and pepper plants, weeding as I went. With recent rains to soften the soil, it was a very satisfying day to pull weeds.


I’ll leave you with this photo of our blooming rose bush. This rose has a history. It grew from a clipping taken from my mom-in-law, who planted it from a rose bush that thrived on her parents’ farm. In fact, my husband’s grandmother carried a bouquet of these very roses on the day she got married. Before next week I hope to figure out what’s been nibbling the leaves. If you have any ideas, let me know!

Until then, check out The Nitty Gritty Gardening Book, available through Amazon, Millbrook Press, or at your local gardening shop.

2 thoughts on “In the Garden, Week 4

  1. Liz Spolyar

    To help with my weeding, I have “wastebaskets” tucked around my garden. Larger plant pots, re-used to contain the weeds I pull when wandering through. Then I empty them when they get full. Initially it can help to put a rock in the bottom to keep the squirrels from knocking them over before they fill up.


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