In the Garden, Week 15


Here is my sunshine…some of it anyway. For the second week in a row I convinced Will to join me at the garden. He’s such a great helper, and much more particular than I am, which can be a good thing in the garden. Thanks to his careful, methodical seed sowing, we have a bumper crop of beets, which he harvested this week.



I’ve been trying to come up with some original ways to use beets. I’ve already roasted them and sliced them up for salads and pickled a couple of jars. A friend sent some great beet recipes in response to my post last week, so I plan to try a beet chocolate cake, a beet hummus, and these beet, black bean and brown rice burgers. YUM! Nice thing about the burgers is that they can be frozen, so we could be enjoying beets long into our cold northern winter.

The tomatoes continue to ripen and we come home with a healthy bagful each time we go to the garden. (This is one of the reasons I’ve driven the few blocks to the garden the last couple of trips! Nothing like trying to lug home a bag filled with tomatoes, beets, eggplants, swiss chard, and raspberries. I guess I could buck up and call it strength training, right?) With two big bowls of tomatoes sitting on the counter and a much cooler week ahead of us, I think I will be making some more salsa. The boys seem to really love it.



We’ve also been enjoying our homegrown Honeycrisp apples this week. I ended up picking them all on Thursday when I went to pull one from a tall branch and they all came tumbling down. Oops. But aren’t they lovely? They taste even better than they look. This is only our second full growing season, so we expect many more next year. I can’t wait! Here are “before and after” photos of the tree shortly after planting and a few of the apples we’ve been eating this week.

Before leaving the garden on Wednesday, I set this bouquet of sunflowers, asters, cosmos, and phlox into our watering can, more of a means of transporting them home than anything else. But I kind of liked how they looked so here they sit on our dining room table in the improvised vase.

FullSizeRenderUntil next week, check out a few of the fall projects in The Nitty Gritty Gardening Book! This is a great time to plant an herb window box to set on your windowsill over the winter.

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