In the Garden, Weeks 16 & 17


I can hardly believe that tomorrow is the first day of autumn. But look what I harvested from my side yard this past week…Yep, Japanese lanterns. It’s a sure sign that fall is here. Another tell-tale sign? The condition of my community garden plot. Sheesh. I’m embarrassed about the state of my tomato plants, and have been for weeks, but they’re still limping along. I’ve gradually been pulling plants as they die off, just to keep things tidy.

I have to admit that at this time of year, I’m always a bit relieved that we’re nearly to the end of gardening season. I feel kind of sheepish about it, but it’s the truth. After the profusion of harvest at the tail end of summer and all the hectic putting up of fruit and vegetables that comes with it, I’m ready to begin thinking about tucking the garden in for the growing season. It’s bittersweet. When I went to the garden before going out of town this past weekend, I expected to be overwhelmed with another couple of quarts of raspberries. But I only ended up picking about two cups, and the plants looked like they were starting to fade. I have plenty in the freezer, of course, and I can certainly make jam from those….but you know what I mean.


Last week I did make another batch of salsa, more pepperoncini, and some more pickled jalapenos. I also pulled the basil plants from my back flower boxes and made a batch of pesto, which I mixed with pasta, zucchini from the garden, onions, red, peppers, and a few garden tomatoes. Yum. And I decided to try something new with the raspberries…I’m using a couple of cups to infuse some white wine vinegar to use for salad dressing. Isn’t it pretty?


I’m continuing to enjoy the morning glories that have climbed up this old gate we use for a trellis. With the cooler temperatures lately these beauties have been blooming through most of the day.

On deck for the coming week…harvesting carrots and brussels sprouts, planting a row or two of lettuce, cooking up some of those beets in the fridge, and weeding the strawberry beds. Until then, keep yourself busy with a project from The Nitty Gritty Gardening Book. It’s the perfect time to force bulbs for holiday blooms!

3 thoughts on “In the Garden, Weeks 16 & 17

    1. karicornell Post author

      They are, aren’t they? I basically trim off the leaves and put them in vases for fall decoration as I’ve done here. The plants themselves look a bit like tomatillo plants with small white blossoms. There is a tomato like “fruit” in the lantern that squirrels and chipmunks love to eat.


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