In the Garden, Weeks 22 & 23

Whew! We made it…here we are at the end of the gardening season! As I was about to leave our garden plot yesterday afternoon, I took one last look around and thought, “see you next year.” I do love my community garden. It’s the one place in our neighborhood where I can actually see the sunset and watch the clouds as they are carried away by the wind. I will miss this place over the next few months.

In the meantime, it was about a week beyond time for me to put the garden to bed, but I finally had at it. Yesterday my youngest and I managed to pull all the withered, frost-struck tomatoes, peppers, and zucchini plants from the garden. I should go back and trim the raspberry canes, but if I don’t get around to that before spring it won’t the end of the world.


I was surprised to see that zucchini, eggplant, and a couple of peppers actually survived the frost. And the carrots of course, which do taste sweeter than the ones we harvested before the cold nights. Theo did a great job pulling the last of Will’s carrot patch, and I made a tasty gingered carrot soup for dinner with our take. Also enjoyed a swiss chard spanikopita with the swiss chard harvest last week…sooo good!


Now we are back to a blank slate and I can begin to think about what to do differently next year. Carrots and beets were a hit, as were the Swiss Chard, banana peppers, and jalapenos. I’m not sure about the tomato plants. We did get a decent harvest in August, but I just don’t think I water consistently enough to produce a beautiful crop of tomatoes. Of course we did finish up the last of the salsa yesterday, and it sure was tasty. Perhaps I’ll change my mind come next spring.


Until then, I do have more beets to make into beet burgers, more raspberries in the freezer to cook into jam, and a few more banana peppers to pickle for the boy’s sandwiches. I still plan to plant garlic, get those daffodil bulbs in the ground, and prep the gardens around the house for winter. Keep yourself busy this winter with projects from the Nitty Gritty Gardening Book!

And I wanted to let you know that I don’t plan to hibernate with the garden this winter…I’m looking forward to turning my attention to crafty pursuits indoors. Stay tuned!


Finally made it over to the Kingfield Farmer’s Market yesterday to buy some pumpkins…I highly recommend a visit if you’ve not been, although now you’ll have to wait until next spring. The market is held every Sunday at Nicollet and 43rd, right across the street from Anodyne Coffee Shop. Check it out!

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