Monthly Archives: July 2017

Growing Like Crazy

So much has happened in the garden since my post last month! Here’s proof: The raised bed on the left is the same bed as the one on the right, with about a month of growing time under its belt. The onions have taken firm root, and on some I can see the onion bulb growing just beneath the soil. The green beans are so tall I had to check the package to make sure they were bush beans and not climbers…I swear they are reaching for the raspberry bushes to the left of the bed! And the swiss chard and mixed lettuces are amazingly lush and ready for salad. Here’s a close up of the lettuce…I definitely need to harvest this weekend before it decides to bolt.


Another thing that’s growing like crazy (aside from the boy pictured in the top photo who just turned 13 for goodness sake! Where has the time gone? And when will he stop needing a bigger pair of shoes every few months??) are the weeds. Eek. My straw “solution” turned out to be no deterrent at all for the ambitious weeds that stalk every available inch of unplanted ground at my community garden. So much for that idea. When I visited this morning to water and pick raspberries, I spent a good chunk of time pulling weeds, but a return visit is definitely needed. With spade in hand. I’m telling you, these weeds are a determined lot.


In addition to raspberries (gathered enough to make a quick batch of jam, which I’m planning to do today), lettuce, and swiss chard, I’ve got this amazing broccoli. I planted broccoli for the first time last summer, and I loved it because it keeps producing florets all summer long. Can’t wait to toss some of these beauties in a stir fry. And the first yellow wax peppers and tomatoes are on the plants! I should clarify–the tomato plants are more like trees and it’s clear that I haven’t provided enough structure in the tomato cage department. Luckily a neighbor was tossing some substantial cages that are in decent shape, so I’ll be going back with reinforcements later today. It’s fair to say that the garden is in full swing. Yay! This is the most exciting time in the garden.


This also happened a few weeks ago. My oldest and I set up shop at the Fulton Farmers’ Market, where we sold a few copies of The Nitty Gritty Gardening Book and helped about a zillion kids make their own newspaper pots in which to plant seeds. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time. Special thanks to Nordis, who keeps inviting us back! If you missed it, check out my how-to video here.

I leave you with a couple of photos of my summer flower boxes and pots. I finally ate the lettuces and pulled the leggy pansies I’d planted in the boxes for spring. Best salad ever. Until next time, happy gardening!