Head in the Clouds


Well, here I am at last! My plan was to start this blog way back in January, but nevermind. Sometimes life gets in the way of best laid plans. Anyway, welcome!

I am a freelance writer and editor who can’t seem to sit still for very long. So when I’m not pounding away on the keyboard with eyes fixated on my computer screen, I’m doing other things I love: cooking, gardening, reading, knitting, running, or making something clever out of nothing. Those of you who followed my daily creative pursuits on Facebook during the month of October, know what I mean.  For you, these posts will seem familiar. I’ll be including many more crafty endeavors here in the coming months, with more background, DIY instructions, and links to sources of inspiration for each project. Newcomers who may have missed those 31 fun-filled days needn’t despair. You can catch up here.

I’m calling this blog Head in the Clouds because it’s only when I’m able to really look up and notice what’s going on around me in any given moment that creative ideas begin to surface. Often I’m too focused on getting through my day-to-day responsibilities, whether it’s work, the kids, school commitments, or any number of other things. Through writing this blog, maybe I’ll begin to look up on a more regular basis. Maybe “noticing” will become an integral part of my everyday existence. I hope so.

On days when I’m feeling less than creative, I’ll write about other things in my life. Like being a mom to two imaginative, energetic boys in the dead of a Minnesota winter (HELP!). Or details about what’s growing in our plot at the community garden, one of the only victory gardens in the US that’s still used for growing food. I may even write about a few of the projects I’m working on as a freelancer. So stick around. I’ll do my best to post at least every other week, and I invite you to share your thoughts and projects too.

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