Two Great Gardening Books for Kids

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 4.34.12 PMNitty Gritty Gardening Book

Grow your own fruits, vegetables, and flowers! Become a gardener in any season with these fun and easy projects. You don’t even need a garden space—many of these activities can be done by planting in containers to set on a porch or a patio or even in a window. Try your hand at growing garlic, bell peppers, potatoes, and strawberries. Plant bright flowers that attract butterflies, birds, and bees. Learn how to get daffodils to bloom in the winter! You can even make your own compost. Colorful photographs and simple step-by-step drawings make each project easy to follow for gardening success. Ready to get your hands dirty and your garden growing?

Read Booklist review here!

Now available! Buy your copies of Dig In! here and your copies of The Nitty Gritty Gardening Book here These sturdy little hardcover books makes a perfect gift throughout the gardening season!

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