In the Garden, Week 8


Week 8…Can it possibly be week 8 already? I’m trying not to think about how fleeting the bright, sunny days of summer are in these parts. Instead I’ll focus on this: All of the summer perennials are in full splendor, blooming like crazy in my yard right now, and we’re spending the pleasant evenings on the patio, soaking it all in.

The community gardening plot is humming with activity as well. This week we picked Swiss Chard, Hungarian Yellow Wax Peppers, and a few batches of raspberries. In fact my youngest walked the dog over to the garden one morning and picked handfuls of berries, but forgot a container to carry them home in. He arrived with a juicy handful of the smooshed berries that survived the four-block walk, covered in the sticky red juice of those that didn’t make it. I missed his arrival, and sadly, no photos were taken. 😦



Not ready yet, but well underway are cucumbers, beets, carrots, tomatoes, and peppers. My oldest has taken charge of the beet and carrot crops, and has thinned them diligently. We enjoyed greens from the beets that didn’t make the cut in a salad on Thursday, so all was not lost. Not sure what’s happening with the Brussels sprouts and eggplant, but it doesn’t look promising. The plants look healthy enough, but I see no signs of blossoms yet. Soon, I hope!


Until next week, satisfy your urge for gardening updates by paging through The Nitty Gritty Gardening Book. Here’s a new crop of newspaper pots with calendula seedlings, created by my boys at the book launch party on July 8 at Mother Earth Gardens. Almost ready to put in the ground!


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